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XD Brushless reduction motor

Date:2024-01-28   Author:XINDA MOTOR
XD Brushless reduction motor

30w-400w DC brushless speed regulating motor motor eccentric gear reduction box AC reduction motor 220v

Model: XD Brushless reduction motor
Origin: Mainland China
Power supply mode: DC

Power selection: 60W-400W

Classification :

60 type 30w8 axis D type
Type 60 60w 8-axis D type
Type 80 60w10 shaft keyway
Type 80 120w10 shaft keyway
Type 90 90w15 shaft keyway
Type 90 120w15 shaft keyway
Type 90 200w15 shaft keyway
90 type 400w customized
Type 104 400w15 shaft keyway
Type 104 750w15 shaft keyway

Reduction ratio :
Speed ratio 3-18k
Speed ratio 20-50
Speed ratio 60-200
Customization accepted

Good braking characteristics
Soft start and soft stop can eliminate the need for original mechanical braking or electromagnetic braking devices.

High efficiency, low energy consumption, no excitation loss, no brush friction loss, no commutation spark, high efficiency and energy saving

Excellent torque characteristics
Excellent torque characteristics, good torque performance at medium and low speeds, large starting torque, small starting current, and strong overload capability

CW/CCW Wiring Method

We recommend to match with a speed regulator for this brushless motor

EH200A BGM brushless speed controller and EHD 200A BGM brushless speed controller

Equipped with BGM exclusive adaptive speed controller
Startup and response are fast. In the case of AC motor plus frequency converter, its extremely cost-effective advantage can be further highlighted, and the wiring is convenient and can be used immediately after power-on.

Products dimensions and drawings

-60 model

-80 model

90 model

104 model