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DC motor for lift cart

Date:2024-06-21   Author:XINDA MOTOR
DC motor for lift cart

An Australian customer Samuel trying to source an alternative motor and gearbox for a mobile scissor lift cart. They are going to be designing a lower profile version of this cart, needs to hold 2000kg, (1000kg per motor) and have an electric brake. 

The motor shown below has been fine, only issue is the offset size of the gearbox:

Searching through Xinda Motor,would something like this be suitable? Needs to be 24 volt, hold 1000kg load, will be turning also of side load needs consideration. Also needs electric brake. On top of all this, needs to be small.

We need to produce 100 carts for a company, so 200 motors. I need to drive 2000kg so each motor needs to be 1000kg as there can only be 2 drive motors mounted in the center.

Speed ratio I'm not sure. Reducer doesn't mater as we machine a boss to suit. 
This machine does 8km an hour with the 300mm wheel diameter
The motor is used for drive a cart, so when walking and carrying a 1-ton load, you must pay attention to the speed and torque of the reducer.

Gearbox is approx 23:1 ratio. This was manually calculated by turning it by hand.

It's 2 ton load, 1 ton on each motor/gearbox. The client need to purchase a motor to design it. We want the smallest possible to hold that load

Xinda Motor recommend  solution with brushed DC motor model 150ZD-0.4-24-XB with 400w power:

Drawing of the motor 150ZD-0.4-24-XB:

This motor is used for 4-6m scissor lift truck, travel motor, one scissor lift truck is driven by 2 motors. This model is a combination of motor + gearbox + brake. This product took 2 years to develop. This motor is a walking motor, not a lifting motor.

For the video of the lift truck please click the link: mobile scissor lift cart